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08-30-2007, 13:49
My question is, whether I really need to purchase maps for Shenandoah National Park? I understand I can get a general map upon entering. I see the ATC sells map bundles for all the states except Virginia.
Miss Janet suggested I throw out a query whether anyone has maps for sale covering Harpers Ferry to Damascus. Gee, you would think I would have thought of that. I have a brand new Snowpeak Giga Power stove with the self lighter I'd trade. Weighs 3.5 ounces. Or, I would gladly pay cash. Just asking.

08-30-2007, 15:11
The SNP driving map is probably, though not definitely, enough for a hike. Depends on how much detail you want. But you can only get it at an entrance station on Skyline Drive, and the trail skips that part (at the northern end). You may be able to get one in Front Royal, though, before you enter the park.

Jack Tarlin
08-30-2007, 18:18
When are you hiking?

I don't expect to be in Virginia for awhile; I'll happily lend you the maps if you get 'em back to me when you're done. But it's a good idea to carry them. Even tho the Trail is well marked in the Park and never very far from a road, the Elevation Profiles are useful, as are the detailed inset maps of Park facilities. Also, the maps contain all sorts of information on side Trails and other points of interest, waterfalls, etc.

I never go into the woods without a map, and Shenandoah Park is no exception.

08-30-2007, 18:24
Nice gesture Jack, I was thinking the same, but I'm 2000 miles from home and won't be back there until after the Gathering.

08-30-2007, 18:39
Thanks Jack, I'm planning to leave on this section hike the third week in October after I finish my assignment here in Northeast Harbor. My plan is to take the Amtrak from Portland to Harpers Ferry gawk a bit and then head out. Again, thank you very much. Of course my name is Timothy Holland, PO Box 29, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662.

Jack Tarlin
08-30-2007, 18:45

The maps will be in the mail shortly. Enjoy your trip and lemme know how it went.

08-30-2007, 18:49
OK Jack, I'm considering using the new WB journal system. Should take me about 6 weeks to get to Dot's and LW. I will treasure your maps.

Jack Tarlin
08-30-2007, 18:51
Treasure 'em? That's a little excessive, and honors the unworthy! Howz about you simply return 'em at some point? :D

08-30-2007, 18:59
:sun OK then, maybe I can get a ton for them on ebay. If all goes well, they should be back in your hands by the first of December. Many thanks again my friend.

Lone Wolf
08-30-2007, 19:33
well timothy, they all beat me to the punch. i was gonna offer my maps as well, for free. i know that section like the 3rd stool from the privy at dot's. gypsy is pregnant and going to school. my hiking days are over. kidding. :) i'm impotent. and brain dead. an ahole too. look us up when you arrive ole boy.:)

08-31-2007, 03:42
Great news about Gypsy. Thanks man. You'll be in my thoughts every day wondering how many times you get up off that stool before I arrive. 2 or 3, I suspect. Don't put yourself down, that is for others to do.
Well, I'm excited and I have everything ready. Just need to finish up here. I arrived April 1st this year and it has been a great season. I've almost walked all the trails and carriage roads on this Island of Mount Desert. Only a few to tidy up during September. See you and Jennifer in December.