View Full Version : Erwin to Hot Springs

Jim Obermeyer
09-02-2007, 06:14
Has anyone hiked that section recently? How's the water supply? I plan on leaving Labour Day if it's not to hot.

Tennessee Viking
09-02-2007, 16:53
Local weather is supposed to be high 80s and into 90s.

I was on Sugarloaf last month. It rained hard that day. Water at the waterfall was small but good.

Flint Mtn Shelter spring usually runs well even during hot weather. The campsite spring past the shelter, I believe is now seasonal.

Oglesby Branch on Flattop usually runs well at the bottom.

Jones Branch on the bottom Unaka Climb was running pretty heavy about a couple weeks ago.

I was Beauty Spot last week, only caught a climpse of the spring there. Seemed on the low side but running.

Jim Obermeyer
09-02-2007, 19:51
Thanks for the info. Have you heard of any wildfires in that area? I've been hearing about some on the news but they just mention Unicoi and Carter counties.

09-04-2007, 10:28
There is a spring at Bald Mountain shelter. Was running the first week in August, as were several other sources between Big Bald and Little Bald. Although it has been dry I don't know if it would have dried up the spring.