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Hammock Hanger
09-28-2002, 22:27
If you have a few ideas and even the simplest sewing skills, homemade gear can be cheap, great fun, and a sense of accomplishment.

Last year I made all my stuff bags & pack cover.

This year I am dabbling with a pack. Similar to the gear skin but different. (Pax Wrap)

Still haven't perfected the stove!! :( I'll keepworking on it.

Hammock Hanger

SGT Rock
09-28-2002, 22:33
I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. I make stoves, but the sewing isn't something I'm good at. Good thing my wife is there to bail me out on those projects.

09-28-2002, 22:50
My 9 & 10 y/o daughters are really beginning to enjoy the process of
finding ways to save weight on our gear :)

Gonna *attempt* making some gear for the daughters. Starting with
the <hopefully> less intimidating... Sil ponchos and raincovers.

I may just be dreaming, but I've even thought of attempting a
tent for the 3 of us.
Also, planning on removing the hoods from their sleeping bags since they are side/tummy sleepers like me and the hoods are pretty useless.

*gulp*- better oil up the old Singer and pray for patience !

~may all your stitches be smooth,
Perkolady ;)

Hammock Hanger
09-28-2002, 23:03
Good luck, perkolady! It will be fun. And have the seam ripper ready. Hammock hanger

09-29-2002, 06:38
Originally posted by Perkolady

Also, planning on removing the hoods from their sleeping bags since they are side/tummy sleepers like me and the hoods are pretty useless.

~may all your stitches be smooth,
Perkolady ;) [/B]

If they are mummy bags and you remove the head portion and the temperature plummets, your daughters just might become cold. Most body heat loss is through all those blood vessels to/from your head. Thats the prime reason for the mummy design, to keep all that heat inside when you zip it up all the way and just your nose is exposed to the cold air. Anyway, ponder it!

Hammock Hanger
09-29-2002, 10:19
I must admit I never use my hood either. I feel to restricted and find I can't sleep. Losing body head thru the head is a legit concern. If you remove the hood try and put a drawstring around the top so it can be pulled closed, so body heat does not escape. Make sure that the kids have hats, that will stay on while sleeping. I wear a hat at all times when sleeping out, with the exception of hot summer nights. Hammock Hanger

SGT Rock
09-29-2002, 10:26
I never used my hood either, that is my I got a blanket last time I got a blanket. I was accused once of never sleeping in cold weather if I made such a choice, but I consider myself a cold sleeper and have used my old 30 degree bag in single digit weather.

Preference and style ya'll!

09-29-2002, 20:11
Here's an idea I use instead of the sleeping bag hood-(I have an old NF Chrysalis down bag- "barrel" shape- no hood)
Since (in winter)I often bring a thinsulate-type parka/jacket (mine weighs around a pound plus a few oz.) with a removable hood,I wear the hood to bed and cinch up the top of the bag.That way it goes with me into whatever sleeping position i get into :)

Most times , a hat'll do the job though. Usually fleece.

guess i shoulda mentioned that when i first posted about removing the sleeping bag hoods (*blush*)

>> comes with the age i guess,,, lol

Perkolady :):rolleyes:

Hammock Hanger
09-29-2002, 20:17
oh pleazzzzze don't mention the age thing. :o I would forget my head if it weren't attached. HH

09-29-2002, 20:36
LOL- I see we have something in common , HH !

O well, one of the nice thing about kids is, just about the time
you can't seem to remember things is when they begin knowing "everything" !!!! LOL

I figure I'd better get all these "wilderness skills" passed onto the kids ASAP , so they can remind ME in the future ! LOL
(I was a late starter with the marriage thing- I'm 43 now, and I think that whoever said "kids keep you young" musta started in their teens !)

I homeschool my kids, so i do have to admit- it sure is nice being able to do school 'trailside'and even off trail, just motherhood in general is an ADVENTURE in itself (now, if only these kids 'stages' came with BLAZES !) LOL

O well, one 'step' at a time !
Perkolady :p

09-30-2002, 07:49
The pack idea sounds great - keep us posted!
I saw Sgt. Rock's review of the Gearskin, and I'm rather intrigued with this idea. I am daydreaming of this idea myself, but since you'll be attempting this, I will wait and 'glean' off of your experience. I hope all goes smoothly for ya !
Perkolady :)

10-07-2002, 15:05
I've been making stuff sacks and things for awhile. Last year I bought some fleece at the Malden Mills remnant sale. So far I've made:

Fleece-lined stuff sack for pot which makes a great cozy.

A fleece balaclava with a flap that pulls down over the eyes and nose (don't laugh, it keeps the nose warm on those -20 nights, you can exhale without getting frost in it, and you don't need to see while you are asleep).

Fleece sleeping bag liner. But this is really bulky. Now I'm thinking about making a half-bag liner, since I always have a fleece jacket I could wear inside the bag. The fleece is good for providing extra padding and insulation underneath you.

I'm also thinking about raingear with better ventillation... Maybe a "rain skirt" to keep the shorts dry while ventillating well. Then you could wear your rain jacket outside your hipbelt and ventillate your torso better also.