View Full Version : Thru Hikers: Have you ever had to bum anything on the AT?

09-07-2007, 19:12
I confess that twice during my Thru hike that I begged for items off of other thru hikers... Once I bummed a couple of sheets of TP from Low Bridge (Thanks Low Bridge),

and another time when I had to do an unexpected zero day I bummed an ounce of alcohol.

Has anyone else been caught unprepared and want to admit it?

Also I offered to carry out a bunch of garbage for some one in exchange for a packet of rice...

09-08-2007, 11:11
At an unamed hostel , That served a breakfast. I had not planned on staying at this particular place, which was not near any towns. It had been a few days since my last town stop and i only had enough money to cover the cost of tenting at the hostel. That evening the gracious host asked how many wanted to take part in the communal breakfast the following morning for $3.50 each. I politleley declined and said I would be fine eating my trail food. The kind host came to me later and said I was the only hiker who did not sign up for the Bfast, the nice host asked why I did not sign up. I had many reasons beyond the fact that I did not have any money left on me. I am a real chef by tade, I am trained in all manners of food safety and food handling and the such, I have seen professional kitchens that I would never eat from. Given the primitive nature of this place I was not goin to eat a meal here that I did not at least prepare myself. I told the wonderful host that I would not have any more money till I got to A ATM, after much consultation with other hosts I was informed that I could simply send a payment from the next town, thus I could enjoy a wonderfdul Bfast with my fellow hikers(OH BOY).
The following morning came we sat down at the communal table and the breakfast was brought in. The host checked the list of those who had payed, checking them off one by one. When Chef's name was called I was informed the the previous arrangement had been null and void, and perhaps I could askone of my fellow hikers for the $3.50, I was a little taken back, after all I was fine eating my own Bfast and you insisted that I eat with everyone else and I could forward you the $3.50, now you are telling me I have to beg $3.50 from peolpe i hardly know? Yes.

So quite redfaced I had to borrow the money from a hiker, The breakfast was fine, and I dont hink i ever payed that hiker back, If you were at the table that morning and I owe 3.50 let me know.

09-08-2007, 12:05
Well. sort of...
Having eaten supper at Goose Pond Lodge, I was (obviously) overwhelmed by the dish-washing ritual provided, and promptly left my spork on the washing table. As breakfast pas provided the next morning, I was making supper the following evening when I discovered my error. About 1 1/2 days later, in Dalton, I asked for a spoon at the cumberland farms store. :)

Sleepy the Arab
09-08-2007, 13:30
I once ran out of toilet paper a day and a half out of Hot Springs. Going up Big Bald I was having ...er, contractions and managed to bum (hee!) some TP off a guy named Two Iron.

I know I have other examples but that is the only one I can remember right now.

Just a Hiker
09-08-2007, 14:00
Hey all,

I am notorious for running out of food, and I always run out of food in 100 mile wilderness. I then have to beg for a pack of ramen or two before I get out of the wilderness. But I really think it always comes full circle. I have helped many hikers with stuff from food to building them an alcohol stove, so I think we always take care of each other. Take care,

Just Jim

09-08-2007, 16:08
I bartered one time as opposed to begging. I was hiking the north end of the the Smokies one beautiful Easter in April. I typically don't stay in shelters. but I had to reserve two nights. The first night I slept in the overcapacity shelter flanked by strangers and we were shoulder to shoulder. At 2 am the stench was stifling. I hiked the next day, and when I got to the next shelter it was smaller and I new ALL the folks were coming. I didn't have my stove. I told a thru hiker if she would make me two hot chocolates, I would give her the bulk of my food. She did, and I pushed over 20 miles that day to get out and home to my own bed.

09-08-2007, 18:36
I ran out of food on the 100 mile wilderness once with 30 miles or so to Monson. I just sucked it up and drank water and coffee and listened to my stomach growl as I watched others eat. My stomach, by the way, finally started speaking English just before I made it to the road, "How about it, where's the food?" "A lemon cookie, anything" I also got attacked by a pit bull on the trail that day.