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09-16-2007, 00:02

Greetings all, I have been venturing out here in CO and have literally not had time for anything else besides work and adventure for the last couple of months.
Just wondering how things are looking for leaf color from 10/13/07 in the Harper's Ferry area. I know this might be a little late for peak color but just wondering how it is looking up there. In CO- we are changing already , even w/ above normal rainfall.
I'm heading that direction on 10/13 and then to Wintergreen on the 19th.

I'm hoping that the color s will be good that week as I have talked it up compared to the Aspens. Aspens are a great golden yellow color but it can't compare to the reds and yellows of the East.
Thanks for the updates!

09-16-2007, 00:29
No color here except for a little here and there with some of the black gums. HF might peak a bit later than the time you mentioned.

Tennessee Viking
09-16-2007, 02:08
Its just starting to cool down here in Tennessee. Its been in the 90s for weeks.

If your looking for color, you are not missing much. Much of the color change is from green to brown. No rich colors of red, yellows, or oranges. We are probably looking at a late fall, going into a heavy winter.

Moon Monster
09-16-2007, 23:29
For an average year, that's a bit early for full color unless you go into the plateau of WV. Plus, this has been a drought year, and we had a late-spring following a late winter. Unfortunately for you, both those factors can delay color change. And, the late summer heat may dampen the color and push many leaves straight to brown, or at least dull yellow. Pobably not many reds or oranges this year. This is our payback for an above average color year last year. You should root for Fall to come early, be extra chilly, and have no big windstorms to blow them down.