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Former Admin
09-29-2002, 12:51
I have found that gripping my hiking poles all day aggravates
my my carpel tunnel syndrome. Does anyone else have this experience
or comments on this.

Hammock Hanger
09-29-2002, 16:14
You are probably holding your sticks too tight all day long. If you grip the poles for hours on end you can inflame carpal tunnel or even aggrivate tennis elbow. Put your hands thru the loops and gentle place your fingers around the poles. Let the poles sort of glide back and forth, with out really holding. When the terrain warrants it you can grab tight. I never have any problems with pain associated to the poles with this method. Also try a few different placements for your hands so you are using diferent muscles during the grip. Hammock Hanger

09-29-2002, 18:16
I also have a mild case of carpel tunnel syndrome. It used to bother me when I used my poles also. I tried holding them several different ways. But the best way I found was the way HH mentioned in the previous post. Put your hands through the straps and lightly grip the poles and let them rock back and forth in your hand with out gripping them. I found that if I put my pinky finger under the bottom of the handgrip outside of the grip that when you go to lift your pole of the ground you are basically lifting it with your pinky finger and then you can just swing the poles forward without gripping it.

I have also seen people using the straps on the poles in a different manner then I use them. I donít just put mine through the loop and hold the pole. I put my hands up through the loop from the bottom and then grip the pole. I have seen people put there hands down through the loop from the top and grip the pole. I donít think this is the proper way to use them.

I hope what I just said makes sense.

10-02-2002, 07:42
Our family cross country skis (races) big time. I have not heard of carpel tunnel syndrome among cross country skiers. That probably because of the way they hold the poles, with the strap across the back of their wrists. With the strap in this position and the strap shortened, you don't need a death grip on the pole. It is held very lightly. Like attroll says, put your hand up through the loop from the bottom.