View Full Version : Photos of old shelters?

09-16-2007, 13:14
Is there a place here with photographs of shelters that no longer exist? Specifically, I'd like to see photographs of the old Addis Gap Shelter and the Tesnatee Gap Shelter. I stayed at Addis Gap Shelter when I was a kid, and stopped for lunch at the Tesnatee Gap Shelter on the same trip (early '70s). But I don't have photos of them. Unless I'm mistaken, was the Tesnatee Gap Shelter an original shelter from the very earliest days of the AT? I think I stopped there shortly before it was dismantled due to its decrepit condition and the fact that the Richard Russel Highway had allowed access to the shelter by locals who were driving up at night and terrorizing backpackers who were sleeping there.

Tennessee Viking
09-16-2007, 17:10

Here is probably the last picture of Don Nelan Shelter at Sugar Hollow TN.