View Full Version : Got Crocs? Be Careful on the Escalator

Captain Blue
09-17-2007, 21:22
From The Associated Press - September 17, 2007

At rail stations and shopping malls around the world, reports are popping up of people, particularly young children, getting their toes caught in escalators. The one common theme seems to be the clunky soft-soled clogs known by the name of the most popular brand, Crocs.

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09-17-2007, 21:27
That's odd. I wear my crocs on the Metro and MTA all the time and I still have... *checks* yup, all ten!

gold bond
09-18-2007, 10:36
Ain't none of them big 'ol mean scary escalators on the trail there little buckaroo...so sleep tight now and don't worry!

09-18-2007, 13:55
I've read several articles prior to this, disparaging scrunchies and Crocs as no longer being in style. For some that is the end of it. No more scrunchies; no more Crocs. Then there are those of us who will fight to the finish if anyone tries to take them away. Personally, I think the "Crocs are dangerous" stories are all crocks.--Kinnickinic