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09-18-2007, 12:39
OK Ladies, where do I start? I'm having an issue with the straps on my sports bra making my collar bones ache after a day of wearing the darn thing. At first I thought it was my pack straps causing me the problem but discovered this past weekend at the hammock camp-out that wasn't the issue because I didn't carry my pack all day.

What I'm thinking is happening is the sports bra straps go in a different spot than my normal bra straps go, therefore my shoulders aren't used to having straps there.

HELP!!!!! Any suggestions???

09-18-2007, 14:43
uhh thats a tough one. I find that after a while the elastic digs into me under my arm. Have you tried Victoria's secret's shock absorber? I rather like that one regardless of the elastic under arm thing. The straps could but you on that one too, I duno. Go up a size. See if that helps?

09-18-2007, 14:57
I found that using a tank top/bra combo (a sturdy one) was much more comfortable that just a sports bra. I think mine are patagonia's - but I got mine at a local outfitter and was much happier than with the other bras I had tried.

Creek Dancer
09-18-2007, 15:05
Dixie, I used to have the same problem. In fact, I just stopped using the sports bras all together. I couldn't stand how tight they were accross my shoulders. Well, my daugther recommened the Champion sports bras. You can get them at Target in the active wear section - not the undies and bra section. Not expensive either. Anyway, they fit really nicely and the fabric is oh so soft. No problems now. Good luck.

The Weasel
09-18-2007, 15:18
Dixi: I'm obviously not in a position to tell you how to solve this, but my wife has had fitting problems, including with activewear bras, and has had success going to Victoria's Secret and asking for one of their professional fitters. Not every store has one all the time, but she made an appointment and found it very helpful. If there is a store near you, maybe that would help.

The Weasel

09-18-2007, 16:01
I totally forgo sports bras in favor of regular underwires. I've been out for several weeks at a time and haven't had much of a problem with them. Sports bras are based on compression so they feel so tight and constricting to me. Plus, they absorb all my sweat and take forever to dry.

09-18-2007, 16:45
Thank you for the suggestions so far.

I want to stay away from regular cotton bras I know that much. Think I'll go looking again.

09-19-2007, 05:25
I have that same problem, but this past summer, bought an Ex Officio Sportsbra at Mt. Rogers Outfitters. Not only is it supposed to be smell-free after many days of usage (and its proven itself on that), but it was not the same tight sports bra that I would wear when running. Very soft, comfy material, quite nice for hiking.