View Full Version : Wilson Creek Shelter (VA)

11-08-2003, 14:59
Basic 6-person design with uncovered picnic table and fireplace. Nice location on a mountain spur with some direct sun. Water is available from a stream a quarter mile straight downhill. NOBOs should fill up at Wilson Creek before climbing the mile up to the shelter.

Limited tent sites. Privy located behind shelter to right but the door closure has been ripped off.

In October 2003 someone had cut down a number of live saplings in and around the shelter, apparently in an attempt to get firewood. Even so, this was a fairly nice shelter.

04-19-2005, 10:22
In May '05 the cabin was clean, if not covered in grafitti & well stocked w/ extra food, hanging from the rafters. The privy door has been reattached, but is aweful close to the shelter itself.

Water is available via a spur trail, but NOBO's best bet is the stream crossing 1/4 mile south. Also, much of the surrounding ground is black, ostensibly from fire(s).

It is well worth trucking 20 miles the next day to Bryant Ridge Shelter, the most deluxe thing ON the trail......

11-02-2005, 15:08
Stopped here on the way to Fullhardt Knob on Oct. 29. Water is WAY downhill, and flow was problematic. Fill up before you get there if you get the chance.

Shelter condition pretty sound.

01-03-2016, 22:36
Stayed here 12/31. Water was abundant a bit down a side trail in the creek but not too bad of a walk. If passing the shelter, I would recommend filling up .5 miles south of the shelter in the creek. I agree with Kerosene on the sunlight available at the shelter and was able to dry out (very little moisture from rain/ condensation the night before) my down bag and my dogs down blanket while there.