View Full Version : Chester Gap to Shenandoah Park

09-20-2007, 15:25
I'm doing a short hike from Chester Gap to S.P on Saturday, and have arranged a shuttle. I'm being picked up at Chester Gap and driven south to the park (where my '95 edition of the AT Northern VA guide ends--I'll finally be done with this section). I'm going to be directing my shuttle to the park from Chester Gap, and I was wondering if someone familiar with this general area has a recommended route (the guide only has this comment: "To reach S. Park boundary: From US 522, turn onto crescent road on south side of Chester Gap. Turn onto VA 610 and follow it to gate of park boundary"). Any detail missing here that I can't get from a map? I'm just trying to be considerate for my shuttle by trying to make it as easy as possible.