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09-21-2007, 12:07
Parked at Amicolola Park around 9 AM on Tuesday. Was the first to sign in at the visitor center for a day hike that day. I've done a ton of day hiking given my relatively young age, but I'm fairly new to backpacking, so the purpose of this day hike was to see what kind of milage I was capable of, as well as to try out some new equipment I bought. Of course, that is aside from the primary goal of summitting Springer Mtn and seeing the start of the trail I hope to hike someday.

I'll get the equipment details out of the way in this paragraph, so skip if you're not interested in equipment. Jansport Big Bear 5000 pack. Not what I'd normally take on a short trip because of its size, but like I said I'd like to try it out before trusting it for longer duty. It performed well, albiet in good weather -- fit great on the hips, didn't require any adjusting on the trail, I was ecstatic that a $90 pack performed so well. Used a 100 oz Platypus water bladder. Was the first bladder I've used, and I now consider it a virtual must-have for longer hikes -- I went so much faster since I didn't have to stop walking to take a drink. The temp that day was hovering around 80 degrees, so I did a fair amount of drinking, but had no problems. Clip to the collar was convenient. Did not use trekking poles (I have young knees) and didn't really need the other stuff I packed as part of my backpack trial.

Back to the trail report. On the way up, I used the yellow blazed trailt that goes past the Hike Inn. The trail itself was pretty uneventful -- not much wildlife, but I did see some wild turkey vultures. Trail was extremely well marked and fairly well maintained, visibility off the trail was very low with pretty lush vegetation. About 3 miles of climb to start the trail, and then 2 miles of up/downs to get to the Hike Inn. The inn offers snacks and lemonade for dayhikers if you'd like, and the staff was very friendly. I ate an early lunch there. Was able to set a 20 minute/mile pace to this point. About one mile past the hike inn, the yellow blaze trail hits the AT Approach trail. Trail is still very easy to follow, etc., as it is very well travelled. The trip down from springer was also fairly uneventful, except that I was very happy about my new pack. I passed about 12 people going the opposite direction on my way back down the mountain, after only passing 1 person on the way up. Round trip was about 17 miles, which left me fairly exhausted.

The normal water source on the AT approach trail was dry, and reportedly the next several miles of white blazes are dry as well. Lake Lanier (southeast of the trailhead) is ~11 feet lower than typical for this time of year. Everything was bone dry despite the fact that I came only 3 or 4 days after the heaviest rain that GA has had in a couple months. Carry enough water on your back to last you for your trip if you're hiking in the next two weeks.

Just a Hiker
09-21-2007, 12:23
Hey there Blackandgold,

Thanks for the report, and it sounds like you had fun and your gear performed well.

Just Jim

09-21-2007, 12:34
Have a great hike next time out, sounds like you are on the right track with your gear :)

09-21-2007, 20:47
Thanks for the report!

09-22-2007, 00:34
Last friday there was water at the Springer Shelter