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Tennessee Viking
09-21-2007, 16:50
One of my hiking groups just did a water quality check from Indian Grave Gap to Nolichucky.

Here is the water report <going south from IGG):

There are two on trail sources prior to Curley Maple
1st- seasonal spring, rather low & stagnent
2nd- official piped source, just barely flowing

Curley Maple Shelter-flowing pretty well, but still low due to the drought

The cascades along trail from Curley Maple to the valley bottom were flowing.

A number of crossings of Jones Branch were flowing pretty well. But the creek beds got lower closer to the Nolichucky.

Even the Nolichucky was only flowing half its capacity.

As for the quality reports, the lower elevations had higher pH's (expected), everyone still needs to filter or treat trail water.

09-21-2007, 17:26
a question. how does pH indicate the presence or absence of filterable pollutants? this isn't meant to be argumentative, it's a sincere question.

Tennessee Viking
09-21-2007, 20:04
Not familiar with testing itself. Just know what my hiking leader suggested.

The ATC asked my hiking group to measure the water at 5 major water sources on the section. We measured oxygen levels, pH levels, temperature, & turbidity (cloudiness). Results are sent in to ATC, who will determine and make advisories if trail water is safe to drink straight out, safe enough to filter or treat, or contaminated (non drinkable). Basically they make the advisory to filter everywhere, and then close down waters when they need to.

We found water sources near and at the Nolichucky with medium to high acid levels.

Lone Wolf
09-21-2007, 20:09
We found water sources near and at the Nolichucky with medium to high acid levels.

treat with powdered gatorade then