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09-21-2007, 22:34
I work for the Outdoor Adventures program at the University of West Florida and we were planning to do a hike of the first 60 miles of the AT in GA starting Dec. 15. Anyone know how the weather usually is around that time in that area? What do we need to prepare for? This will be my first time following white blazes and I'm super stoked. Its not a thru hike but I'll take just about everything I can get.

09-22-2007, 07:29
It sounds like a great hike in the making.

You need to be prepared for 75 & sunny down to 15 & snowy with everything in between. However, it is more likely that you will see highs in the mid 50s and lows in the low 30s with potential for rain, sleet, or fog. Make sure that you have rain gear & something besides cotton to hike in. Also, it can get cold exposed on the ridges, so bring appropriate insulation (hat, gloves, vest, jacket)

Also, since this is an adventures program hike. Make sure everyone has sleeping bags rated for at least 30* and they pack them in a waterproof liner.

Can keep an eye on the weather forecast and pack for 10* below the coldest forecast.



09-25-2007, 21:15
Egads gave some good information. I went on a few winter hikes this year. In January it was 28 degrees when I started and the temperature didn't get much warmer that day. You can still work up a sweat though, I would suggest a short sleeve shirt and maybe carry some arm stockings for when you make a brief stop or sudden cold occurs. One thing I would recommend is to simply do some practice hikes. Wear the footwear you are going to use and carry your gear on these practice hikes. Get yourself conditioned for the hike. Don't simply walk 10 minutes with a pack. Walk a couple of hours. Combine this with what Egads mentioned and I think you will enjoy the hike more. Best of luck.

Tennessee Viking
09-25-2007, 22:19
From Georgia to Tennessee expect the unexpected. One day it could be sunny and fairly warm. Then all of a sudden a cold front comes in, and puts down a couple feet of snow in hours.

You even have to expect late winter storms even into March/April.