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09-24-2007, 18:26
I headed up after work on Saturday, left from Fortmeade MD at 2:20pm. I got up to the visitor center at 1:30am. Couldnt find a hotel so I ended up sleeping in the truck till morning.
Went to the visitor center at 8am and started the hike. Great weather, sunny and a light breeze at the visitor center. The hike up was great, tons of great views! The hardest part was the last mile, it seems to go on forever - all those damn rocks!
I took the head trail to Lions Head trail and reached the summit from that side. Took 4 hours to do 4 miles. While at the top the people said that the wind gust hit 80 miles hour, felt every bit of it. Those little stones hitting you at that speed really hurt!
While on the summit one of those people who drive up in their car - "Yuppie hiker" as I call them - was walking when a wind gust grabbed her and tossed her against some rocks, looks like it hurt - that'll teach those yuppie hikers, even mother nature is against them :D !
Heading down I took the Tuckerman Ravine. It was a blast, a couple of spring heads make for really cool mini-water falls along the way.

I headed home right after the hike, leaving at 4:30pm from the visitor center, traffic was good, but it took a long time. I ended up pulling over a few times to sleep at truck stops. Arrived home at 8 am today.

Anyways, turned out to be a great trip and I'll get some photos up in a little while.

09-24-2007, 18:37
Welcome to the northeast!

09-24-2007, 19:37
I could live up North, it rocks! - Maybe after my thru-hike, this would be a good restart for life.
Moose crossing next 3 miles - that is awsome!
I could spend years hiking all the peaks up by you! Talked to a lot of really cool people during my fly by night visit.

09-24-2007, 21:19
What are you doing at Ft. Meade? I was there (NSA) for temporary duty in '90.

Sounds like it was an awesome hike.

09-25-2007, 09:42
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