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09-25-2007, 12:41

Anyone have any experience ordering from these guys?

03-18-2008, 04:14
Follow this links and see for yourself. :eek:



ZBsports aka Zanzabar Bazaar is an online retailer carrying brand name stuff: Arc'teryx, Hilleberg, Mountain Hardware etc at very discounted prices.
The deals seem "to good to be true". :-?

They advertise that they donate a portion of sales to charity. That is awesome! In fact that almost seems "to good to be true".:-?

Read their policies very carefully prior to considering them.
#1 They DO NOT offer a refund if you aren't happy. You make a purchase and 8-9 weeks later they send you the wrong item...you can send it back (for a fee) and wait longer for them to send you the right item. (OR) They'll give you a voucher for the cost of the item and you can use it to buy something else from them.- NICE!
#2 They don't have bad Customer Service, they DO NOT have Customer Service. Calling them or emailing them is pointless...so don't bother. Opps, wait a minute..I should point out that this only happens after you have made your purchase.
#3 Their idea of free overnight shipping does not tell you which night, week or even month that night will be.
#4 When and if you do get the item you purchased it will likely come with a
$20.00 off voucher because they are sorry that the item that they told you was in stock and would ship in 24-48 hours actually didn't ship until 4 weeks and 3 days after you made your purchase. This will be the first time you'll find out that your "In Stock" item was in fact not.
#5 Read their "Return Policy" carefully.

I'm a gear junkie and have bought from this retailer before..I think the tone of this post spells out my opinion of them. I recently made another purchase with them so shame on me. People make mistakes and I understand that. I gave them the opportunity to gain my trust and business. That was a mistake on my part and hopefully I can save someone the same hassle. Don't take my word for it though...read their reviews...especially the bad ones and perhaps you'll see the pattern. Had I read the reviews prior to making my recent purchase I would have gone elsewhere.
--If it sounds to good to be true...it usually is.

12-04-2011, 01:29
I am not typically one to resurrect a dead thread, but my recent shopping experience with ZBSports has inspired me to take a chance with doing exactly that here today. I contacted their "customer service" email to get information about the company and received no reply at all. I placed an order with them anyway because their prices were good and I liked that they donate to charity. The problems began immediately.

The part of my order that was advertised as "Super Fast Shipping 1-2 days" took 9 days. The part that was advertised to take 6-9 days took 21 days. My emails to both "customer service" and the owner, James, went completely ignored. I eventually received my order, but their site is so deceptive that I don't expect to ever buy from ZBSports again. Buyer beware.

12-14-2011, 22:18
Not as a result of my posting here, but just as he was able to get back to me I did hear from James, the owner of ZBSports. He expressed regret at my first order experience with his company and talked to me about the things he is doing to repair these problems. Even with his busy schedule he talked to me from home, taking time away from other business he was attending to. I appreciate his focus on customer service, even if his company put off a bad first impression. Because of his genuine interest in rectifying the situation I will be giving them another try.

12-14-2011, 22:40
Bought a coat in the spring of this year and had no problems.