View Full Version : Modified Go-lite

09-25-2007, 18:28
Jam 2
Mod - added straps to hold sleeping bag to outside.
Time - about 1 hour
- 2 straps with quick disconnects
- High strength fabric glue
- needle -n- thread
- lighter - to burn the ends of the strap after cutting them.
- cutters
- measure tape -just to make sure both starps have been glue at the same spot. I measured 8 inches back from the connector.

Photo 1 shows the axe straps on the bottom of the pack
Photo 2 just shows where I cut them in half. I use this so as not to have to cut the pack and it seemed to be the strongest attachment point.
Photo 3/4 shows how I glued them to the strap, one half goes towards the top, the other half gets glued towards the bottom. Press hard against the two straps so there are no gaps in the 2 fabrics. Allow to dry. The stitch the straps together.
Photo 5 shows the finished project.
Photo 6 is with the sleeping bag atached, it doesnt bounce around but I still plan to add a support strap to help out a little. This is the winter bag, when I switch to the summer bag I should be able to do the tent and bag in the same stuff sack that my winter bag is in.

This worked really good, just strap down the sleeping bag