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11-10-2003, 20:35
I Need Help Planning A Hike From Pen Mar To Va Line ,to And Back

Jack Tarlin
11-10-2003, 20:43

Your best source for information is the Appalachian Trail Conference; their web address is www.atconf.org If you go there, you'll see a section called something like "The A.T. State by State"; this section will give you specific info on the Trail in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Northern Virginia, etc. You might also wish to visit the site of the Maintaining Group that oversees the section you'll be hiking, the Potomac A.T. Club (www.patc.net) The ATC is THE place to go for Trail Guidebooks, maps, etc; when you visit the ATC website, click on the section called "The Ultimate Trail Store" and you'll see what they have available. Also, excellent maps, guides, etc. are available at the ATC's headquarters in Harper's Ferry, WV, which may be close to where you live.

11-11-2003, 13:52
You might also want to visit the www.aldha.org site and check out thier on-line guide. It is particularly useful giving information regarding resupply options and detailing town services up and down the Trail.

Of course, you can also buy a hard copy.