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09-26-2007, 21:53
Hi, we have a four bedroom, two bath Victorian in Monson and looking for people who either want to rent rooms or the whole house for the winter or rooms on a monthly basis indefinitely. We are pet friendly, and it is fully furnished. If someone rents out the house and then wants to let other hikers stay either for free or for a fee to help out with the rent, that is fine with us. Shaw's closes for the winter, so it might provide a valuable service to people who are on the AT super early or late in the year. We will be gone sometime in early November through mid to late May. If anyone is interested in renting a room on a monthly basis on an indefinite basis (including when we are around), that would be great, too. It is an easy walk to the post office, general store, restaurant, Lake Hebron, and ~1 1/2 miles to the AT. Thanks! 207-542-3721

09-26-2007, 22:10
Any winter work in the area besides ice fishing, beer drinking and snowmobiling?

09-27-2007, 15:58
Is there employment in the area??

09-27-2007, 20:50
Hey hikers, no, not a lot of employment. I shouldn't say none. Greenville is 15 minutes up Rte 15 and it has restuarants, hospital, schools, and hardware stores. There is also a downhill ski mountain in Greenville. Then, south on Rte 15, there is Guilford and Dover-Foxcroft again with a hospital (Mayo Clinic in Dover) and schools. Come spring time, The Forks is about 30 minutes away for raft guiding. Monson has an elementary school, too, if anyone would be into substitute teaching or maybe there are openings. And yes, plenty of snowmobiling, ice fishing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, TV watching, beer drinking, reading, relaxing, and socializing with folks. thanks!

Lone Wolf
09-27-2007, 20:55
inotherwords, don't go to monson lookin' for a job. there ain't none. truth.:cool:

09-28-2007, 01:35
inotherwords, don't go to monson lookin' for a job. there ain't none. truth.:cool:

Unless you own a snow shovel and a hot chocolate stand.:rolleyes:

09-28-2007, 16:59
Yep, wouldn't be looking for jobs in Monson proper unless you are a plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, snow plower, educator, raft guide come spring time, fishing or other recreational guide, warden, or hot chocolateer, of course. But if you want to live in an idyllic winter village and travel 20-30 minutes for other work options, Monson might work for you. You might also get a little income from early or late hikers who need a place to crash and wash clothes and bodies.