View Full Version : Interesting Bear Encounter

09-28-2007, 22:23
So this evening a friend and I were driving back from Cumberland, MD. Western Md, lot of mountains for those that don't know of it. We saw a nice sign warning drivers of Maryland wildlife with a picture of a deer and a bear on it. Seeing that sign prompted a memory of a bear playing in a stream by the side of that road about a year ago. So, he and I rode along, chatting about bears. What to do if we came across one. The possibility of me singing a song as I hiked the trail to warn any bear that I was heading their way. He joked saying a good song to sing would be Winnie the Pooh, saying that it would keep all the bears away. Then he started singing it himself.
As we rounded a corner we had to come to a sudden stop, for right in front of us was a bear running right in front of the car! So close we almost hit it..:eek:
Yes, the winnie the pooh song sure keeps those bears away...
As far as timing goes, it seems incredibly unlikely that we'd encounter a bear when we were talking about bear encounters...but...stranger things have happened!