View Full Version : My Hiking/AT Related Prose

09-30-2007, 21:21
I don't know if anyone would be interested, but I've written a short story and a piece of prose poetry related to hiking. I've put them on a website so that I could share the link with interested parties. I hope it's okay to post this here. I did some forum searches but didn't come up with anything about posting fiction.


The first piece on the site, "I simply walk," is a short prose poem which sums up my feelings about hiking.

The second, "A Walk" is the story of a man who is inspired by Bill Irwin's thru-hike and looks for meaning and purpose in the Appalachian Trail. The story is some 5,300 words.

Please leave comments either here or in my guestbook on my site if you take the time to read my work. Criticisms and advice are as welcome as compliments. I'm thick skinned.

Thank you.