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10-06-2007, 22:15
just got back from sect.hike from N.Y. to MASS. let me tell ya the water or lack of it is a problem hikers take warning,also vary,vary dry

10-07-2007, 20:15
Any body know what the water situation is in NC south of the Smokies?...I will walk that section starting the 11th...

Appalachian Tater
10-07-2007, 20:20
There are some threads on that subject:

Maybe wolf could give more specific info regarding the water conditions on his section hike.

10-07-2007, 20:26
Well, those of you heading towards the Bigelows in the next couple of days, do not expect much for water. I did not encounter one water source in during my hike from route 17 to Avery Peak.


Just a Hiker
10-07-2007, 21:15
Hey all. Yeah, it's dry all over. Here is some more info....I just did a stretch from Hanover down to Bennington, VT, and the usual places that go dry are dry. I didn't stay at the lean-to's, but I found water all the way down. I know for sure Happy Hill doesn't have water, but the LNT is for crap! Too much litter. Take care,

Just Jim