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Bruce Hudson
10-06-2007, 22:55
I'm a teacher. That means I don't hit the trail until mid-June, but I get opportunities to get out T-day, Christmas and Easter besides quick weekends to the mountains from Raleigh.

Last year was my initial experience backpacking, and it amounted to 200 miles on the AT. As these winter vacations approach I've purchased a Campmor 0+ bag, and I own a good pullover fleece and long underwear. My rain jacket was $50 at Outdoor Provision Store and proved to be only water resistant at best this summer. I'm looking for suggestions. What am I missing?

Bruce Hudson
[email protected]
Raleigh, NC

Appalachian Tater
10-06-2007, 23:09
Many people believe that an effective rain jacket makes you sweat so you're wet anyway. But there are plenty of jackets that will keep the rain out. The Marmot PreCip is fairly popular. It will work as a wind jacket, too.

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