View Full Version : Bad movie portrayal

Tennessee Viking
10-08-2007, 23:42
Don't know why my Tivo recorded it, other than having it set to auto record shows about the A.T. It recorded a SCI FI Channel Gary Busey movie called, "Maneater." All about how a Bengal tiger escaped near the trail, and was killing hikers and locals. But I didnt see one white blaze. Shows you where that B rated budget went to.

I am still waiting for Hollywood to do a Hostel or Wrong Turn sequel with the A.T.

Grumpy Ol' Pops
10-09-2007, 00:13
At the very beginning of the first scene, there was a tree with white blazes indicating a right turn down a woods road. That was all I was able to find as far as blazes.
Your TIVO probably recorded it because the movie description included the word Applachian in the description.
BAD movie, though!