View Full Version : Water in Central VA

stormin norman
10-11-2007, 20:57
Just got back from a 4-5 day hike from Cloverdale Rt 220 to Rt 501. Things were pretty hot and dry but there is water out there and you will have to carry some. Here are a list of places where water was present. I may have missed one or two so if anyone else has any information please add on.

Curry creek - small pools
Wilson Creek - good water
Wilson Creek shelter - dry
Stream at Bearwallo gap - small pools
Bobblets Gap shelter - dry
Cove Mtn shelter - dry
Jennings creek - good water
Bryant Ridge shelter - good water
Cornelius Creek - good water
Thunder Hill shelter - dry
Harrison ground spring - good water
Marble spring- good water
Matts Creek and shelter - good water
Johns Hollow and shelter - good water

10-15-2007, 10:45
I just returned last night after hiking south from Harvey's Knob Overlook on the BRP to Hwy 311, Catawba. Very, very dry. Most creeks had nothing but a few non-flowing puddles. Between 220 and McAfee Knob there is no flowing water except at Tinker Creek just past 220. Next flowing water is at the spring past McAfee. That's about 18 miles with no water, so load up at those points.

Between Harvey's Knob Overlook and 220 it was only slightly better.