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11-16-2003, 15:28
Before starting a long distance hike, many people hit the trail to try out new equipment, get themselves in shape, and just have fun. How much time did you spend doing this?

*For the purpose of this discussion, any long distance hike over 3 months in duration is fine to include in the poll. I ran out of space on the question attached to the poll to include all of this.

[I also had an option for zero, because I know some people do this. Somehow that option disappeared when I created the poll. If a moderator wants to try adding that back in, that would be great.]

Mushroom 96
05-09-2004, 14:16
I had never backpacked before my 1996 thru hike. Growing up my family had done a lot car camping. To help shake down my equipment, I tried it out in the yard. Because I had never backpacked I also allowed for an allowance for new gear as I hiked. Started with a pack that weighed 60lbs fully loaded and finished with a different one that weighed 25lbs fully loaded. I think the best thing i bought along the way was a bivy sack.