View Full Version : Leki Ultralite Ti Air Ergo problem

11-17-2003, 14:58
The locking mechanism on one of my Leki Ultralite Ti Air Ergo poles failed on my first trip with them. When I returned them at REI, the salesman said someone else had come in earier that day with the same complaint.

I'm thinking of ordering another pair since they're such a good set of poles otherwise. Especially the weight at 14 ounces/pair, you can't beat that. But I don't want to have the same problem again. Anyone else have this problem with the locking mechanism on these poles?

11-17-2003, 16:43
I higly recommend that you stay away from the Leki Ti series of poles. First, IMO, it is very deceptive marketing, as they print TITANIUM right on the side of the poles. In truth, there is very little titanium in the poles. They are a new aluminum alloy with a "splash" of titanium in the mix. I know this because I broke three of these poles and demanded an answer as to how I had never broken a regular pole, but somehow I managed to break three titanium ones.

Also, I constantly had problems with the locking mechanism. The poles were constantly collapsing on me, and combined with them breaking, I was never fully confidant with them.

If you don't mind no anti-shock device, I have been extremly happy with a pair of MSR hiking staffs that I purchased. I have a pair of these guys:


I love the wooden knob over the molded grips, and best of all these poles turn into a monopod for taking self portraits. They are a very sturdy pole, and fairly lightweight. However, there is no anti-shock in any of their poles.