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double j
10-15-2007, 18:55
hi im a newbie here i was an avg hiker while back did alot of hiking at table rock park in s.c outside of greenville,spartanburg area.just now getting my feet dirty again and wa thinking of doing this hike in a couple of months soon as i get more research and exp. from members how many miles and days would it take and whats the most important must have items to do a long hike.......thanks for any help as i may see many of u on the trails,,,,,oh sat. i may be going to damascuss just to do some day hiking thanks again............

Lone Wolf
10-15-2007, 19:19
erwin to damascus is 120.8 miles

double j
10-15-2007, 19:23
wow lol more than i thought hmmmm guess i better get planning

10-15-2007, 20:23
Johnny, here is a great link, it is a free online calculator that you can use to figure out distances between any points on the AT:


Have a great hike!

10-15-2007, 20:32
That website lists Springer to Katahdin as 2,174, a good number.