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10-16-2007, 13:32
Hey all. I have been to the AT solo in the GA-NC section in June, so weather not an issue. I have a Western mountaineering bag with a 20 F rating, and ended up sleeping on top of the thing. Anyhow late March of 08 for spring break I am trying to plan a hiking trip for the same section, and will be bringing my girlfriend. We have started gathering gear for her. We were in dicks sporting goods today and came across a bag called the marmot aspen 40 degree ultralight down, it was just 80 dollars and it compacted nearly as small as my WM bag and although not as light it couldnt have been more than 2.5 lbs I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this bag, if it was any good. I know Marmot makes a good product. Also there was another bag called, Aspen 15 degree explorer which is a synthetic bag for 90 dollars but i dont know how tight this can compact they didnt have one on display. Any thoughts on these bags, and would it be warm enough for a march hike in GA-NC, and if not would a silk bag liner help. Thanks for your help.

Appalachian Tater
10-16-2007, 13:43
Apparently Marmot made the "Aspen" bag exclusively for Dick's and it's not even on their website. Why don't you call Marmot's toll-free number and ask them how it compares to their other bags? From the weight it would seem to be a 600 fill bag not an 800 fill. $80 sounds like a great deal for any new down Marmot bag. A 40 degree bag is iffy for a March start. There are other threads where this was discussed and a 15 to 25 degree bag is recommended with the understanding that a bag can be supplemented with liners and clothing and that different people sleep differently..

Wise Old Owl
01-15-2008, 19:28
I posted a similar question to the group back in November and was kinda talked out of it. Most of the replies said to spend about $40 more and get better quality. I haven't bought it yet, but if you do I would like to hear your experiences..


01-15-2008, 21:10
i do believe that you looked at the Aspen synthetic bag, the down bag runs $99.00 and does compess small. Marmot is a wonderful bag, I have a Pinnicle 15 down and have been nothing but satisfied with the quality. I also have the Trails liner that I use in the summer. The Aspen is in fact a name that Marmot has agreed to produce exclusivley for Dick's but that doesn't mean less quality, it is a possibility that it a model that has been discontinued by Marmot in the past like the Eiger 35 pack that is still in production but as an Aspen 35 pack

01-24-2008, 21:02
yeah dont worry, i ended up getting her a marmot helium