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10-16-2007, 14:58
the mcgyver thread
a place to mcgyver. a pizza flavored goldfish bag holds water without leaking ,up to infinity hours.
bubblegum patches hole in dogs collapsable waterbowl.
banndannas so old and thin they dry in 10 seconds from dripping wet. and how to do and make things from things. post all odditys here. two litre bottle shoes and nose oil lubricant. were gonna cover it all here at the weirdo thread for inovative thinking and nonthinking. if you’ve made a crotch cozy to warm your alcohol down there,...we wanna see it on here! should you stumble onto a recepie that turns sox salt to margaritta night, we need you. if your exsperienced in any of the spam arts and sciences and can tell us how to utillize this stuff,...we need you. spam fired stoves and lights are fast becomeing the types of mcgyvered impements our readers so sorely need. and edible gear , what does it hold for ouselves and sheltermice. can a frame made of powerbar hold weight, can we make good sunglasses from jolly ranchers and is it worth it to eat them after damascuss? do gummies work as insoles? one report has them lasting long and then tasteing good . we need facts, recipies and information on your specific mcgyverings. my own captive slave laborers working in my sub street level lex luther like laire, while waiting to become illegal aliens, came up with a portable jesus pill. its made entirly from the mouth spittle of real praying belivers spit as it comes from their mouths and is collected in a basin at the foot of their beds. each night as the belivers pray, and spittle, a spit collection is made and pills are filled and distributed. one psp or, prayer spittle pill as there called, keeps you from thirsting for more spittle indefinatly.
what can you make?

Dances with Mice
10-16-2007, 15:30
Matthewski took the words right out of my mouth.

Which is why they're all chewed up and mushy.

10-16-2007, 15:33
body packing. whats the deal? body cavity researcher cammo jack says he carrys most of his gear here.