View Full Version : Polaroid camera

10-17-2007, 13:38
Hi everone i won a Poloroid 5.0 megpix it the I531 was gone to buy one but this look like a nice camera. Do you guy know anything about this camera and what kind of pictures it take. The only thing i ever won :-?

Uncle Silly
10-17-2007, 20:37
Are you taking spelling/grammar lessons from matthewski?

Unless you won a memory card too, you'll need one of those. Looks like a pretty basic camera; some mixed reviews on Walmart's site. It won't be the best point-and-shoot out there; but it's probably not the worst either.

If it were me, I'd google that model, read customer reviews on sites like Amazon and Walmart, and decide if it sounds like too much trouble. You can always sell it on Ebay and get another camera if you decide not to keep it.

Regardless of what you decide to do with it, congrats on winning it!