View Full Version : Good Deal for Insulated Jacket/Vest!!!

11-18-2003, 15:32

- 650 Fill Down (Dense & Lofty!)
- Ripstop Nylon Material (Breathes!)
- Zipper Guards!
- $50 for Vest! $70 for Jacket!

I think I'm going to order the Vest to use in conjunction with my old Polartec 300 Fleece Denali Jacket. That combined with my long sleeve T-shirt is all I need for lounging at 0*F.

Still need my new tent though...

11-18-2003, 15:55
Bought the Vest for $50! Woo-Hoo! :banana

11-18-2003, 16:26
Bought the Vest for $50! Woo-Hoo! :banana

I bought the jacket a little while ago and used it Nov7-9 near Caladonia/Penn Mar. Temps were mid 20's at night with a steady 10-15mph wind. I layered as follows: polypro top, polartec100 shirt, campmor down jacket, Helly hansen shell and the combination worked like a champ. I probably didn't need the shell, but it extended over my butt - didn't want to chap my rear!

The jacket is light and very compressible - a lot more so than my 300 wt EMS fleece jack which I left home. And it zips into a North Face shell I own! This is the first down item I ever owned. From what I experienced, maybe a down sleeping bag is in my future! Good luck and enjoy the vest!

Mike Drinkuth
11-20-2003, 01:48
SHAZAM!!!!! That IS a good deal! I'm seriously considering buying the jacket :-?

steve hiker
11-20-2003, 03:10
It looks good on the screen, but I bought and returned something similar to it from REI recently. A couple months ago I bought a $99 made-in-China 550-fill jacket that weighed 25 ounces, and wore it in Colorado in late September. That's the same weight as the Campmor jacket (not the vest referred to in the first post, which is 17 oz), so they may actually be the same. (Assuming they both have the same fill, I'm not positive about the 550 for the REI one.)

Anyway, I returned it because the down leaked pretty badly, and because at 25 ounces it was too heavy for my taste. But it was fairly warm and compressed well, although not nearly as well as a good down sleeping bag does. So the down probably wasn't more than 550, or was mixed with lower quality feathers.

But at $69 for the Campmor jacket and $50 for the vest, you probably can't go wrong. Durability probably will be the only issue.

11-20-2003, 17:49
Just got the vest in... and it seems to be built rather well!

We'll see after I beat on it for awhile, but I'm fairly confident with it after walking around with it on for awhile.