View Full Version : Need for bug netting on AT

10-18-2007, 13:56
I have a HH now, but considering going to an ENO with no bug netting. I've never had any bug issues on the trail here in Ga, even in summer. But, I've always had either a tent or the HH, and I've heard of others having issues with bugs. Can I get away with not having bug protection on the AT as I start hiking further Nobo into NC and VA? How about NH in July/August as I want to do a Whites trip sometime. I know some people tarp camp on the trail and must do it without bug netting.

10-18-2007, 14:45
The bugs in New England, in the lower areas (where you'll probably be required to camp, in the Whites, with a hammock), from the months of May through July, are ferocious, and they are still around in August. The black fly season is somewhat overlapped and closely followed by the mosquito season. Both of these bugs are infuriating.

I grew up in Maine, and I wouldn't consider camping in northern New England without bug netting, during the summer months. Some tarpers and hammockers are tougher than me, but that's my opinion. Those critters will drive you buggy.

10-18-2007, 15:30
One of the main reasons why I prefer sleeping in my tent, no worry about bugs, whether they are there or not! ;)