View Full Version : Good time to hike?

harriey von alkier
10-18-2007, 14:33
Can anybody tell me if I can hike from Harpers Ferry to Kent starting mid April . I do not like it to cold or snow. Or is there a better time.Thank you Jette

10-18-2007, 16:52
I dont think its that cold then. Of course I spend hours hiking around the mountains in the dead of winter.
I would say your safe, maybe a little windy but not much else.

10-18-2007, 17:14
April in the mid-atlantic states can be a time of much rain. I guess that's where the saying "april showers brings May's flowers" comes from. Of course that assumes that the drought like conditions we're having now doesn't continue.

map man
10-18-2007, 21:49
According to weather.com in mid-April around Harpers Ferry you can expect average highs in the low 60s, average overnight lows in the low 40s and record lows in the mid-20s. That's virtually the same as the weather in my town (Ames, IA) at that same time. Most years we do not get snow that time of the year, but occasionally we do. I'm sure it's the same there near Harpers Ferry. As you hike north you should be out of almost all danger of freezing temps and snow by early May. On some parts of the AT you would need to be wary of lower temps at higher elevations on the trail, but that is not so much of an issue in the mid-Atlantic states where you will be because the elevations don't get that high compared to some places in North Carolina or New Hampshire, for instance.

harriey von alkier
10-19-2007, 12:38
Thank you so much,it helps alot.I know the elevation is not much, but it's still spring time. Jette