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10-24-2007, 14:48
Live in N.VA and am looking for someone who would be interested in doing some AT section hikes. For example: from Ashby Gap (in either direction), weekdays or weekends. Also one overnight is possible on either Friday or Saturday night (separate tents/hammocks, food, etc).
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10-29-2007, 08:15
I'm done with that section or I'd go. I'm working on PA and am up to HWY 94. If you'd consider going to PA sometime, we could go do a one or two days of slackpacking (camp in campground) on a weekend. I am down to the tye river south at va hwy 56 and would also go that way.

My scheme would be one car. leave one hiker at one end of section and the other hiker go park car at the other end and walk towards each other. meet in the middle for lunch and then continue with the dropped off hiker getting the car and picking up the other.

juma of fairfax


10-31-2007, 17:27
yeah lets talk i might be interested in a little more pa with your plan though wouldnt someone be doing a circuit?

11-05-2007, 13:30
no, no circuit necessary. guy-1is dropped off and walks to the car which guy-2 leaves at the other end of the section after dropping off guy-1. so, you wouldn't have company all day but would minimize risk since you should pass by each other during the day. each has car key in case of trouble.

right now, my next hiking window it 12/1-2. We could go up to pa in the morning and knock out a 12-15 mile section, stay at the doyle that night for that real thru hiker experience, and then do another hike the next day and drive home.

whatcha think!