View Full Version : Fate of Miss Janet's

10-25-2007, 21:25
New to WB and trailcast.com podcasts. Have heard alot about Miss janet's and her closing. Why did she close?

Jack Tarlin
10-25-2007, 21:33
She needed a bigger place for one thing, plus the arrangement she had with her ex (who is a great guy by the way) was that he'd pay a great deal of the house expenses as long as their daughter was still in high school and under 18. Well, she recently graduated and turned 18 around the same time, so it was time to sell the house.

So this wasn't unexpected and she wasn't shut down by anyone and wasn't forced to close up. She knew about this for quite some time.

Hopefully, she'll relocate to a bigger and better place in the Erwin area so that before long, you'll have a chance to enjoy her hospitality.

10-25-2007, 21:35

Enjoyed listening to you on trailcast podcast too.

Tennessee Viking
10-25-2007, 23:46
She is looking on relocating closer to the AT, and a bigger place for both her, her family, and the never ending horde of hikers that love to invade her place.

She has had some problems trying to locate a properly zoned property. Though I have heard that some of the local competition has been a good source of issues.

Currently she is not taking an hikers in until the new place opens, and I believe she has also slowed/stopped her shuttle service. But if you got any free time, she is needing some hands to help her pack and tear down to get ready for the move.