View Full Version : Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket

10-26-2007, 22:28
Any experience with it?

i need a new rain set, and looking at this for the top half

10-28-2007, 21:15
its bitchin', and water proof too

10-28-2007, 21:39
got any specs on it?

10-28-2007, 23:43
I'd be curious to hear how this one breathes.

10-29-2007, 00:26
While it may be waterproof, I've tried it on and even spoke with the Patagonia rep and a few Patagonia store workers.. This thing is not really that breathable. If you like Patagonia, they recommended the Lattitude 2 (I think is the name). Personally, I'm going with an Outdoor Research Celestial. It retails for $250 though. I hate sweating inside of a rain jacket though so the breathability of Gore-tex Paclite is worth it to me.

SC Ryan
11-02-2007, 20:40
I have it and love it as a rain/ wind shell. weighs 13 ounces, packs small, durable as hell. The material doesn't breathe well, but it has huge pit zips that help.