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11-22-2003, 10:34
Am looking for info on the West Highland Way. My daughter is studying abroad (London) and I fiqure why not get in a hike when I visit her in late May. Have noticed a few Whiteblaze members are from the other side of the pond and was hoping for some info and tips from anyone who has done the Way. Thanx PROZAC

11-22-2003, 17:21
what do you need to know? there is a guy on trailjournals who has done it. not sure if he posts here or not. he does post on trailforums.com...

i was going to do it, but wasnt reall inspired enough by it..

for LDPs in england you have, Pennine Way, West Highland Way, Coast 2 Coast.

Most tracks here are designed to be b&b'd/hosteled with little to no wild camping at all. certainly all the guides are written this way, and there are few legal camp grounds.

Moon Monster
11-22-2003, 23:34
Search google.

I searched a few months ago trying to learn about it, Munro bagging, WHW, the England Coast-to-Coast, etc. Google led me to some message boards of UK hikers describing every little detail of those trails. I think it takes 4-7 days to complete depending on the person.

11-22-2003, 23:34

is a good site.

have fun.