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10-28-2007, 07:26
Through diligent internet shopping at work over the past couple of months, I've managed to get my pack together. I know some stuff will get changed, lost, or thrown off a cliff, but hopefully I'm good to go. Any obvious things I've forgotten, other than food and water, and is anything redundant?

ULA Catalyst 47oz
ULA Large Pack Cover 3.8oz
Gatorade Bottle 1oz
Camelbak Omega 70oz 6.3oz
Total 58.1oz

Feathered Friends Swallow 34oz
POE Wxtex Pneumo Dry Sack 15L 5oz
Exped SynMat 7 DLX 36oz
Tarptent Contrail 24.5oz
Petzl Zipka Plus LED 2.3oz
Total 101.8oz

25L Stuff Sack 2oz
Platypus 6L Water Tank 3oz
TriTI Caldera Setup w .9L Pot 7.7oz
Anti Gravity Gear Cozy 1.3oz
Platypus .5L w/ Firelite Tips 1oz
Mini Bic Lighter 0.5oz
Orisako Dish 1.5oz
Lexan Spoon 0.35oz
Aqua Mira 3oz
Total 20.35oz

POE Wxtex Pneumo Dry Sack 15L 5oz

Rain Clothing
Marmot Precip Jacket 13oz
Golite Reed Pants 5oz
OR Lobster Claws 2oz
Rocky Goretex Socks 3oz
Total 23oz

50° Clothing
Marmot DriClime 10oz
Sunglasses 1oz
Liner Socks 1oz
Total 12oz

50-32°* Clothing
Ibex Sidewinder L/S Zip Top 6oz
Ibex Woolies Bottoms 6oz
Beenie 2oz
Ibex Liner Gloves 1.5oz
Smartwool Lt. Hiker 2oz
Total 18oz

Below 32°* Clothing
Montbell UL Thermawrap Jacket 10oz
Montbell UL Thermawrap Pants 12oz
Buff Neck Wrap 1.5oz
TNF Denali 300 Fleece Gloves 3oz
Smartwool Hiker 3oz
Total 29.5

Granite Gear Dreamsack/Pillow Case 2oz
Hiker to/from Bandana 0.9oz
Toilet Paper 2oz
Tooth Brush and Paste 2oz
Hand Cleaner Alcohol 2oz
Sportslick Skin Protector 1oz
Nail Clippers 2oz
Ear Plugs 0.25oz
First Aid Kit-Adv Med .5 kit 3.5oz
Spenco Sport Blister Pads 1oz
Total 15.65oz

Leatherman Micra 1.8oz
Pocket Survival Pack 4oz
Space Blanket 56oz84" 2oz
Duct Tape 1oz
Aloksaks 1oz
Platypus Patches 0.1oz
Anti Gravity Gear Trline 1oz
Trail Guide/Map/Compass 4oz
Rite in Rain Note Book 3oz
Fisher Space Pen 0.25oz
Total 17.15oz

Pack Weight
50°* 15.82lbs
32°* 16.91lbs
Below 32°* 18.75lbs

Rail Riders Eco-Mesh Shirt 6.7oz
Rail Riders Weather Pants 13oz
Liner Socks 1oz
Salamon Shoes 24oz
Suunto S6 2oz
Leki Poles 20.6oz

10-28-2007, 08:37
You might look into extra long stakes for the Contrail,
also I would carry the ability to carrry a lot more water.
Also do you have bear line, or a needle and thread?
Extra Socks?

10-28-2007, 09:04
just some little things i noticed. not sure what your using to cook in, but you really don't need a dish just eat from the pot. looks like you have 3 different pairs of gloves. use a liner and your waterproof ones. same thing with your socks get 2-3 pairs that you like and thats all you need. seems like you could cut out some clothing too. use your rain suit as your outer layer for if you are really cold.(all i had were long johns, t-shirt-shorts,
dri-clime, and rain suit) if your hiking itll be hard to get cold and when your in camp if its too cold for your clothes to handle get inside your bag. you don't have to "carry" your duct tape, take the roll and wrap a bunch around your hiking poles, i had quite a bit and never ran out.

i know i have somewhat of lightweightist mentality, i don't follow it as rigidly as some, but i hope some of these suggestions help. enjoy!

mountain squid
10-28-2007, 09:16
That is a very complete list. Some thoughts:

don't know how well Gore-Tex socks work, but I agree with hopefulhiker in that you might want another pr of regular socks
camp footwear
water dipper (other than what you will drink out of - that kind of defeats the purpose - and, yes, sometimes the water sources are so low as to necessitate dipping)
mp3 player

And, of course, don't forget ID/atm/credit cards and important phone #s.

See you on the trail,
mt squid

10-28-2007, 10:24
I have a 6L platy with the zipper that I forgot to add.

The AGG Trline thing is a bear line.

Have needle and thread, and whistle in the 4oz "Survival Pack."

Have 2 pr of liner socks for warm weather, 1 pair of light smartwools for cooler weather, and 1 pair heavy smartwools for cold weather.

Getting my clothes sorted has frustrated the hell out of me, but I've got it broken down into three different groups and will send the stuff I don't need home and then have it mailed back.

I have a camera, but never really use it, i.e. been on vacation twice this year and took three photos, not to mention very few photos from other events :rolleyes:

Woot had Zune's for $80, so I grabbed one and am going to see how I like it, as the last personal music player I had was a walkman in the late 80's.

10-28-2007, 10:48
Oh, the goretex sock work very well. I've used them for hiking, and when cycling in sandals with wool socks in wet winter weather, and my feet have stayed warm and dry.

mountain squid
10-28-2007, 11:36
So, you will wear the Gore-Tex socks, regular socks and liners:confused:. One thing to consider is that the thickness of socks will affect the comfort and fit of your shoes. Another important thing about socks is to always have at least one dry pair. What you are wearing might get wet (from wet weather or sweat), but you absolutely need a dry, warm pair for in camp. Your wet pr won't dry by the morning, but you will put them on anyway - keeping your dry pr dry.

You might not take alot of pictures of scenery, but you will certainly want 'summit' photos (one on Springer and one on Katahdin). You might also want photos of friends and fellow hikers that you will meet on your journey. Of course, you can pickup a disposable...

See you on the trail,
mt squid

10-28-2007, 11:47
I'll wear the Goretex socks when it is wet or extremely cold, basically adding "waterproofness" as needed as my shoes aren't waterproof, and extra layer of insulation when desired. I'll wear whatever socks that suit the conditions, used as a layering system, and by default have back ups.

2 pair of liners carried at all times, one worn.
1 pair of light wool socks when it is chilly, usually only wear these but have the two liners.
1 pair of thicker wool socks when it is cold, wear these, but still have the above three in my pack.

Hopefully, that makes a little more sense.

11-26-2007, 19:03
water dipper (other than what you will drink out of - that kind of defeats the purpose - and, yes, sometimes the water sources are so low as to necessitate dipping)

the bandanna can be used for a scooper just soak and then wring out in to a container

11-26-2007, 23:37
Just a question - have you tried to use your Leki's while wearing the Lobster Claw gloves? Will they let you grip the poles though the straps OK?

11-26-2007, 23:58
I haven't tried them yet, the Leki's are at the house am I've been far a way for a while. I used the lobster claws cycling and they did fine.

11-27-2007, 17:55
Looks like a perfect starting gear list, but I'm sure that you'll get rid of a ton of stuff fairly quickly- most of the pants, survival kit, compass, gore-tex socks, space blanket, camelbak, the bowl (eat out of your pot?), the down inflatable mat (2.25 pounds? ouch. When are you starting, january?), the ultra-heavy dry bags (get some OR ones about 2-3 oz), etc.

You'll probably move to a much smaller ULA pack as well.

Also the UL thermawrap doesn't really provide all that much warmth.

11-27-2007, 22:04
Those goretex socks work like a champ. I did a dozen or so freefalls from 14,000 ft in 20 degree weather wearing them under jungle boots. If 120mph wind won't go through them, they should be good enough for hiking. Ditto for OR windstopper gloves, that stuff works.

11-27-2007, 23:44
Yeah, I know somethings will change and already have alternative gear on standby. Once I get home and am able to run through a good shake down, I'll probably change some stuff then.

I picked up a ULA Arctic Dry Pack second hand that still had the tags on it. I may use it, as it should save a pound by the time I eliminate the drybags and drop in pack weight.