View Full Version : making a tarp vestibule

English Stu
10-31-2007, 14:41
I have Golite cave tarp and am thinking of making a seperate vestibule which I can add when conditions require it.I have seen these for other tarps .Anyone done something similar, if so any measurements? The ones I have seen use the existing tie outs.Its not that simple as there are already beaks on mine.Is it possible to use my poncho tarp as the vestibule? I have plenty of tarp experience but little sewing knowledge.I have used a trash bag when windy but it flaps and wakes me up.

10-31-2007, 19:27
Are you just looking to increase dry storage space under the tarp or are you trying to make the Cave more weatherproof?

If you have a sewing machine, you could easily attach some tie outs to any points on the face of the tarp. Use nylon patches to reinforce the tie out, and use a tight zig zag stitch, and seal it up with pure silicone. With that in mind, you'd be able to attach a vestibule to any points on the tarp. I'm not sure exactly why a tarp user would want a vestibule though. With tents, they provide rain protection for gear without having to bring the gear inside the tent. With a tarp, everywhere under the tarp is protected from rain, and nowhere under the tarp is inside a tent... I guess another option would be just to get a bigger tarp. You can pitch an 8x10 tarp in some very weatherproof configurations with lots of living space underneath. I don't remember how much the Cave weighs, but Golite uses a heavier silnylon, so if you just got a bigger tarp that was made with a lighter silnylon, you'd probably be at the same weight or less than a Cave plus an additional vestibule.

English Stu
11-01-2007, 09:41
Hi . Thanks for your thoughts,its made me think what I need here.I also have single person tent and find its vestibule handy for keeping off the wind when sitting /cooking.I guess I need to experiment more with set ups. I have yet to see another tarp in use in England and do have to use a trash bag and office clips a fair bit .The Cave1 is 11ft by 7ft so its not a size thing .In poor conditions the beaks can be set down low but then its uncomfortable for anything else but sleeping.As I found out on the AT tarps go up so much better between trees but I rarely have the opportunity to set up in woodland now.On the southern AT I sent the Cave home and used a Poncho tarp but that really not an option for longish trips here.Maybe an extension to a beak would do the trick.