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11-02-2007, 11:46
I'm looking for a new pair of shoes now that the soles of my boots have been worn down to slicks.

I'd say that I'm not a heavy packer, nor a light packer. Weight of my big three is right about 10lbs. I've hiked in boots my whole life, since thats what I was taught, but I'm interested in getting into something lighter and grippier.

That being said, I have a decent sized foot, fairly fat. Most boots I wear an 11, that allows me enough room for a pair of wool socks, two wool socks and its doable still. I got a pair of Sportiva Slingshots off of Steepandcheap, but my feet are actually bigger than the show :eek:, and after reading more reviews on this shoe, I'm starting to think that it might be too light in the soles for my needs. I'm also looking to possibly get a shoe that I can quickly dry out and that is well ventilated. I'd like to get familiar with whatever shoe I'm gonna wear on the PCT next year.

Any other suggestions? I was thinking about going to Dick's tonight to try on some shoes, and maybe check out what the EMS has, then hunt for them online.

As always, any and all thoughts appreciated.

11-02-2007, 12:24
I do a lot of trail running, if you are going to need a good pair I would recommend going to a running store, they can make sure you get a good pair that will meet your needs, check your feet for pronation etc.. I got my last pair there and am going to do it again, I put on way too much mileage for a cheap pair

11-02-2007, 13:02
EMS will probably have more of what you're looking for. Trying to suggest buying a certain brand/model would be unwise. Find a price range agreeable to you and try everything they offer, realizing that you usually get about what you pay for, i.e. cheap is cheap and so on. FIT is EVERYTHING in hiking shoes. Be sure to wear your double-sock setup to your try-on session. Vibram soles should be a must, while GoreTex (waterproof) is over-hype to me, not to mention expensive. In a heavy rain, your feet are going to get wet, GoreTex and gaiters won't prevent it. Some of the newer trail runners provide for water drainage right down to the sole of your shoe. Gee, the army did that 40 years ago with little drain vents because so many Viet Nam vets suffered from trench foot. With drainage, your feet will definately get wet, but they won't fill up to where your toes are submerged in water all day long. After you hike with wet feet all day, be sure to powder them with a good foot powder (let air dry a bit first if not too cold) and slip on dry socks after powdering . . . feels sooooo goooood!