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Miss Janet
11-25-2003, 16:02
An alumni thruhiker friend has written a book about his hike. He is a really interesting writer and I am excited to read this book. I hope it is ok if I post what he sent to me.

This is to inform all you folks that my book is now
available at www.xlibris.com Those of you who know me
real well will be shocked to know that I now have a
"web page" at xlibris. (Still can't believe all this
craziness-it's just sinking in) When you get to the
web site, click the "Bookstore" feature and then hit
"search" If you plug in my last name "Maroni", it will
pull up the title. OR, you can simply type in
and that will take you directly to my "book page" From
there, the more curious among you can explore my
author page. From the book page, you can actually read
the entire first chapter of my book.