View Full Version : Indiana Hikers, listen up.

11-02-2007, 20:09
Are there any Indiana Backpackers out there in WB land? What are your hikes like, where, belong to clubs, share your knowledge of Indiana Backpacking as well as the AT experiance. Steve

11-02-2007, 21:12
Steve - There is a fairly active backpacking group on thebackpacker.com

What part of Indy are you from?

11-02-2007, 22:20
I'm in Bloomington. Tons of hiking opportunities down here, including the Tecumseh Trail and Knobstone Trail, if you're looking for a backpacking opportunity. Deam Wilderness (South side of Lake Monroe) is also excellent.

11-02-2007, 22:44
Deam is great for a weekend of relaxation. It is simply beautiful in the fall.
Knobstone is AT-like and full of PUDS.
Morgan-Monroe is another nice destination.

I live in Central Illinois but hike at Deam quite often. Mostly with folks from thebackpacker.com

11-06-2007, 14:41
I also live in Bloomington and hike occassionally with the Bloomington Hikers. They hike mainly in the Deam Wilderness and Yellowwood State Forest with occasion ventures to other areas of the state.

Their website lists the weekly hikes and you can have that information e-mailed to you as well.