View Full Version : how or when can we start a class of 2009 forum?

corso k-9
11-02-2007, 22:15
I am starting my preparations now and was just wondering about a forum... although the General forum is great for helping me prepare... thanks

Frolicking Dinosaurs
11-02-2007, 22:45
Corso, just giving you a head's up that it may be several days before you get an answer. One of the three admin have to do this as it involves adding a forum (an admin only privilege). Two are at the BMTA meeting this weekend and the other is working a lot.

11-02-2007, 22:48
The itch can definately start early though.
Have fun planning your hike :)

corso k-9
11-02-2007, 23:03
oh, I am... and thank you. I've already started puting together ziplocks and sawing off toothbrushes, (to save weight of course).... putting together nonperishable drops.... getting gear together.... making lists of things to do before I leave....I love it... I did Duncannon to Roanoke area in 2001... so I have an idea, but probably nothing prepares you for a thru-hike except a thru-hike
I sometimes will be hiking with my Cane Corso, (a rare Italian Mastiff that is directly decended from the Roman Army's dogs)....My longtime girlfriend will meet me from time to time to pick-up, drop off, or swith my dogs (I raise them).... I had a dog with me in '01, but this time I will walk alone when it's too hot, too hard, or just not allowed... I figure the Corsos will do about 1/2 the trail with me.... I don't have to worry about people in shelters not being dog friendly either, as I am a hammock hanger... my dogs sleep under me.... I am really getting excited, and it will be neat to see if I bump into anyone that I have read/or met on this forum. I will get a trailjournal going and may make video diaries of the experience... Trailname is Corsoman

11-03-2007, 02:36
Yeah, It would be nice to have the '09 forum up.

When are you planning to leave? I'm planning on going in 09 as well, but I'm getting a late start. I leave the day after I walk graduation from TN Tech. It'll be early may, but who knows, I could catch up. It'd be cool to bump into someone from here. I go by Tangent.

11-03-2007, 05:41
Welcome to Whiteblaze, Demortor!

I've got a bunch of TN Techies in my family--grandfather, mother, aunt and uncles... My parents live in Cookeville now, so I visit from time to time.

Good luck getting ready for The Hike, as well as finishing up with school.

Have you considered a SOBO? Quite a few SOBOs are just out of college, which is why they need to start in June or July.

corso k-9
11-03-2007, 08:13
I also own/run a plant nursery, so I may wait until after the last frost here,(about Easter), so I can uncover my greenhouses and walk without worry about young and tender stuff getting blasted on a cold night when I am not here... after that it will be easy for who works for me... (keep weeds down and water)

11-03-2007, 08:19
As we crawl before we can walk, we thread before we forum. Looks like you got one started. Good luck planning you AT hike.
100 points to Marta :) for suggesting SOBO which for college grads can fit better with scheduling logistics. That and having autumn follow you brilliantly through the end of the trail!

11-03-2007, 08:54
At this point 2009 is only a possibility. I tried a sobo this year and only ended up doing a fraction of Maine and then Mass. I learned alot from those experiences. I've been on a few day hikes since then, but I'm really craving and overnight. Unfortuantly, my work schedule hasn't synched up for that at this point.

I've already got all my gear. There's quite a few items I would like to exchange for something of a better quality. A lot of what i had was second-hand from people and quite a few used military style items.

I recently joined a gym and I think I'd be better off psychologically if I get into better shape than I was when I hiked.

So I'm taking steps for a 2009 NOBO, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I'd really like to. Once you get a taste of the trail it becomes an obsession. lol.