View Full Version : Northface Snowshoe with Liner?

11-03-2007, 12:00
My other half and I both have very nice Northface Snowshoe sleeping bags that we have used on some spring and fall camping Its very nice and keeps you warm. Its rated to 0deg (so they say) Anyways I used it not to long ago for a night in the 40's. I was warm most places however I did find some cold spots. Mainly the feet. I was wondering if it would be workth getting a liner of mico-flee, to add some warmth and take care of the cold spots. Or will that make the bag colder? We are planning a 2 night on the Maryland part of the AT in December/January and I sure do not want to be beat by the cold. The weather on the AT in the winter (some weather website says) 15-25deg's.

What do you all think?

11-03-2007, 12:05
I've found a silk liner adds substantial warmth at just about 5 oz. Much lighter than a fleece liner. If it's just your feet getting cold, make sure you have adequate bottom insulation and that your feet are staying on the insulation.

If these don't solve the problem, a light pair of down booties will almost gaurantee warm tootsies. In fact, I have usually had to remove the booties at some point during the night because they get too hot. Just leave them in the bag though and in the morning you can slip them on for your camp chores and keep your warm feet!