View Full Version : A True Trail Angel

Appalachian Outfitte
11-26-2003, 13:32
Some sad new from Port Clinton. Robert Breon "bobby" who has been in Port Clinton for his whole life and devoted the last 25 years to hikers has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. I can not imagine the number of hikers he helped get to Katahdin or Hamburg for that matter. I am going to try and get his address if anyone would like to send him a card. Bob maintained the church pavillion and all those gallons of water that are there consistently were filled daily by bob and his wife, if this man is lost it will be a loss to the hiking communtiy. I ask that you keep Bob in your prayers and if you have any personnal storis pleae post them as I will try to print and give to him!!! Tahnk You and God Bless Vern Appalachian Outfitters

Sleepy the Arab
11-27-2003, 22:12
I can't help wonder if this might be the same sainted trail angel who gave me a hand on both thru-hikes. To my extreme consternation, I never got the fellow's name and haven't been able to send a thank you card for his generosity. It would be hard to know for sure as there are so many kind people in that area...

If Vern of App. Outf. would indulge a question or two:

1. What kind of water bottle does this man hike with? In 1999, I met my trail angel on the ridge between Eagles Nest and Port Clinton. What I remember most was his water bottle - it was green and oddly shaped, conforming to the belly against which it was strapped. It was also well insulated and a remember the curls of moisture escaping as he transferred some of that water into my Nalgene.

Any other small details you can impart about Robert Breon? I appreciate any help in solving a two (and four) year old mystery.