View Full Version : NY/ADK parteners needed

leep frog
11-05-2007, 17:42
I'm looking for a few people around central/northen NY to hike with. Interested in all seasons and in getting together a few paddling trips to the adirondacks. Please send me an email if you're around here. I would prefer other hikers with some amount of experience, but that's not a big issue. I'm located in Syracuse , NY, but I'm willing to travel throughout the region for longer trips. Generally I can pull together for three-five days or weekenders.

11-05-2007, 21:44
Check out www.adk.org the Onondaga (http://www.adk-on.org/) (Liverpool) Chapter. They do a lot of hikes in the 'daks.

11-06-2007, 00:41
You could post to the ADK forum at http://www.adkforum.com/ if you haven't already tried that. Nice bunch of folks there.