View Full Version : Northface Skareb 55

11-05-2007, 23:08
This must not be a very popular bag. But it looked pretty nice to me, and light. Got very few replies when I asked about it about a week ago. Anyone out there had any experience? I have a vapor trail; carries beautifully, but like others I have seen post here, I am missing the outside mesh pocket(s).

Passionphish: you had recently bought a skareb but had not field tested it at the time. Have you yet? I think you also had a Gregory 55, which is my other choice. What do you think?

11-07-2007, 14:22
Look under gear review, I posted all about mine. Great pack.

11-07-2007, 14:23
look under for sale section, I think 2 of us our selling ours, mine is just too much space since I have gone with lighter/less gear.