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11-07-2007, 02:17
looking for a good, reliable watch w/ compass built in, that isn't going to break the bank

anyone else using one?

11-07-2007, 02:52
Older Suunto models are regularly go on sale, and the S6 is on sale here (http://www.backcountryoutlet.com/outlet/SUN0157/c3/s23/Suunto-S6-Altimeter-Watch.html) for $180.

I assume you know they're for guesstimate navigation though. The best use I ever found for mine is using it for search, rescue, and recovery diving, as precision navigation isn't necessary. I wouldn't bet my life on one in a ridge line in a whiteout or shoreline navigation in a heavy fog by any means.

John B
11-07-2007, 08:58
Timex Explorer. About $35.

11-07-2007, 11:23
Take a compass. I destroyed almost every watch that I ever had until I started buying watches from Japan. When I was a kid any watch put on me would stop running within 2 weeks.

Several years ago I ran across the Omega Speedmaster "Moon Watch" and I just love it. I am back to a manual windup and it runs and takes the abuse and has not let me down. Since my vision is now to the point that unless I wear glasses I cant see my watch the watch face is still big enough for me to see without glasses. My distance for vision is ok but not close up. But the price tag is high but I had been saving for years to purchase it. I would take a compass with me rather than depending on a watch with one in it. It is to easy to destroy a watch and then you are without your compass.

A couple of years ago I had sent my watch from Japan in for service and I was only about 2 hours into my trip in the Smokies when I noticed that my watch had fog under the crystal. By the time I got back home the watch was ruined on the inside. The factory failed to put the o-ring back in correctly and it failed.

Capt Chaos

11-07-2007, 17:54
If you already have a watch with a leather, nylon, or other similar material, watch band you can buy a small compass that slips on the band and it costs less than $10.

11-09-2007, 08:31
looking for a good, reliable watch w/ compass built in, that isn't going to break the bank

anyone else using one?
Thought a Timex analog would be ok. Nothing but troubles. The crown would hang up on coat sleeves and gloves and pull out stopping the watch and killing the compass. Needed the equivalent of a Riverdance recital to get the watch up and pointing North again, and of course the time was long lost. It was $100.00 and a total waste of $$.
Check out the surplus stores for a military aviator's survival compass. Green nlyon band, about $15.00, cardinals and 15 deg intercardinals. May be harder to find lately.
http://www.thecompassstore.com/wristsighting.html This one is pretty much top of the line.

11-09-2007, 09:50
NICKTHEGREEK, the wrist compasses you're talking about are often used in SCUBA diving. You'll have better luck looking for them at such shops.

11-09-2007, 11:35
In the Rockies / Sierra Nevada ranges, a compass can be handy and fun, but on the AT I see very little need for one. Going off-trail is futile in all but a few places (balds). The sun gives me a pretty decent orientation most of the time. As for a watch, I don't use one anymore as my Treo 700p smartphone keeps synced to Atomic Time, makes phone calls and gets weather updates (on the ridges), contains my OliveTree Bible software for daily reading, and so much more. Of course I turn the phone off when not using it to conserve the battery. On my recently finished week-long hike, I didn't have to insert my spare battery until day 6. ;)

11-09-2007, 14:59
Silva Compass Watch II is currently on sale @ Campmor for $49.97 regularly $80.00 (Item#84702). I do not use this particular model but have not heard anything negative about it. I currently use the Timex Expedition Digital Compass Watch and have no complaints about it. For $39.99 at Campmor (Item#63977), this watch will certainly not break the bank, and I have found it to be quite reliable.

11-09-2007, 15:24
I have a HighGear Summit (http://www.highgear.com/prod/Summit12.cfm?InventoryID=12&CategoryID=4) (compass/alitimeter/barometer/timer/alarm) watch. I bought it on clearance sale for $99 and it has worked well for the past 3 years. I can even replace the battery easily if I have a nickel since the cover is designed to be easily removed by the owner.