View Full Version : TT Contrail up in 58 sec

11-09-2007, 00:01
This was done as a bit of fun, I needed a one minute clip to post on the Net.
(experimenting with video formats and data compression)
Nevertheless, since I had in mind that I could set the Contrail up in under one minute, I combined the two . This was one of several successful attempts.
Not my typical very taut pitch but it is standing... and remained like that for the rest of the afternoon.
Contrail set-up world record 58 seconds

11-09-2007, 01:57
The Guinness Book of World Records is reviewing the effort for possible inclusion in the 2008 volume, but some of the judges are contesting that it appears that the trekking pole was pre-adjusted to the correct height!

11-09-2007, 02:53
Well spotted Kerosene. However it is allowed because that pole is set at my standard hiking height, about 44". (lucky me)

11-14-2007, 00:01
It's that pole adjustment and retensioning the lines that really slows me down. I'll probably never break the two minute barrier with my Contrail at my age!

11-14-2007, 00:06
I want one! But you have to set it up for me:D

Frolicking Dinosaurs
11-14-2007, 00:35
To heck with the tent, I just want to be able to move that fast :D.

Seriously, nice job, Franco. Now that you've had the Contrail for a while, what do like and dislike about it?

Appalachian Tater
11-14-2007, 00:43
It's that pole adjustment and retensioning the lines that really slows me down.

Definitely the pole adjustment is the hardest and most time-consuming part of setting up the Rainbow model as well.

11-14-2007, 01:49
58 seconds to pitch the tent and 3 months to edit the video! LOL...

11-14-2007, 02:31
The video was shot and posted within 1 hour. I was planning to use a Pana SD5 (on test at the moment) but because of the large High Def file (1920x1080, AVCHD) and that I had the TT ready for it, I opted to shoot the video with a Fuji F10. The 75mb file was crunched down to under 1MB using the Windows Media Encoder.
The longest part was joining Yahoo video...
Never timed this, but I would be surprised if setting the Black Diamond pole from folded to my in use height will take more than 5 sec.....
The pole in the Rainbow is totally different. It takes the same as any other 8 section pole to put together. Finding the sleeve opening is another story. (it becomes easier with use).
I have set it up several times before in about 70 sec, so I knew that if I had a reason to do it ( 1 min of video under at 1 MB) I could.
Of course, under heavy rain and wind it takes me longer.....
For Renee
Easy and quick to set up
Very compact when stored (and can be stuffed)
Very versatile pitch : high and open front for hot nights, only 4 pegs required
standard closed vestibule for rainy nights
low and very taut set up for windy nights, up to 8 pegs
Dislike , nothing really considering what it was designed for, however some small fine tuning is possible.